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Rigging - "We've Always Done it that way"

by Administrator User | Jul 13, 2012

"Modified post"

We have all been talking writing quiet a bit about failures in this industry. One thing most us have not heard about is common sense. Sure after the fact the fingers start pointing and then it comes up but what about BEFORE THE LOAD IN STARTS?

Common sense modification of lighting, and sound, video, and set plots should ALWAYS dependent on what the venue or roof structure of the day is. If you are on a portable roof or in an outside venue think about the video walls, set pieces  and set flats, Are they blow thru? If not and wind is a factor a logical person might say I might need to cut these elements or have a smaller or different version. Don't fall into "we we've always done it that way" !

The same should go for Lights and sound. So use less movers....less speaker cabinets.....don't stack the backline that need to adapt to your environment .....use your brain! 

It seems to me more and more that the acts want the big productions regardless of the venue, the promoters want the act, the production companies want the work and somewhere in that mix standards and common sense go out the freaking door! 

let me know your thoughts...


  1. 1 Duffy 12 Jul
    Having experienced a collapsing roof structure first hand due to improper rigging (thank God no one was injured- I'm sure we would have made the news otherwise), I can attest to the utmost need for saftey and awareness.  I am by no means a rigger, but I know just enough to understand why this situation happened.  This was simply just as the header says above- "We've always done it that way"- without regard to "what if".  Had we as the stage crew been more aware,  this probably would have been prevented- because after the accident, it was so glaringly obvious of why- something that any one of us should have caught but didn't- the roof support towers had not been secured. When mixed with a little wind, down it came- we simply assumed beforehand that all was good.  My point is that, as a crew, as a rigger and so on, please be aware of your surroundings, if something doesn't look right, make sure that it is correct- no one will chastise you for Kevin says above and I can't echo it enough- safety is everyone's resposibilty...
  2. 2 Kevin Arnold 12 Jul
    Safety is everyone responsibility and should NEVER compromised because of budgets.