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Why Do We Do This?

by Administrator User | Jul 12, 2012

So I was thinking about all of the show’s I’ve done and I had a thought…. Why do we do what we do?

Not an easy question, I mean let’s put aside for a moment all of the great food, huge piles of cash, awesome working hours, those sexy tour bus bunks, the never ending praise we get from the “talent” and let’s not forget endless hours with eleven other bodies barreling down the highway in a sardine can.

So, I ask again:


For me I always joke its better than a “real Job” or “I just wanted to join the circus”. And if you can’t remember what a light load of laundry looks like, Heck, you can’t remember what a load of laundry looks like, or you’ve stopped buying clothing in any color other than black……. Just sayin….

  But really it’s because I love it and always have. I mean sure it was cool when I started and I loved to watch the reactions of people when they found out what I did, but it very quickly became more than that. A good friend of mine puts it this way, “you’re stuck with relatives but you can always choose your family”.  This is my family, I see people all over the country, sometimes with years in between and I’m closer to them than most of my relatives. I like the freedom and challenges presented with every gig.  I thrive on stress, “mmm A type”, and take great pride in having a gig go exactly as planned. People always say “it’s not rocket science”, hey I worked for NASA and their correct. At times this is a lot more stressful! You try to find a power supply for an AVO Pearl on a Sunday before doors!

I always find it amusing on just how many of us out there have multiyear college degrees and yet choose not to sit behind a desk for that 9 to 5 job. Yes we’ve chucked it all for fame and fortune that is the entertainment industry! (right here is where a golden, R19, shaft of light appears and the angles sing! Audio up, roll video cue #3).

But seriously, it’s a pride thing to me. All of us have beaten ourselves up over a missed cue that NO ONE other than you even knew about! I think everyone of us out there, from owners to stagehands, take pride in our work and feel personally offended and saddened when we hear of a stage failure or a theater accident and the populist say things like “oh some roadie screwed up” or, “that’s what you get for hiring so n so”.  Everyone I’ve met and worked with over the years that have made this a career have an enormous amount of pride in doing a safe and accurate job.

Oh, and getting swag so we never have to do laundry…..can I get an extra one of those shirts?

Let me know what you think………..


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