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A Lifetime of Creations

SPL provides state of the art audio-visual technology and experienced staff to create a wide variety of spectacular events. From meetings to live touring, we have extensive experience working with producers, technical directors, event coordinators and meeting planners. As a result, we understand and anticipate our client's needs, working as a strategic partner in the planning process so they don't have to sweat the details. Our goal is to exceed expectations by providing superior customer service and equipment…doing whatever it takes to produce an extraordinary event and make our clients shine!

Your Dreams . . . . . 

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                                                        IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES . . . .

Lighting a show is important.  It can be argued that lighting a stage can be as important as the actual performance – the right light can dictate the mood that the audience feels, direct attention to where you want it, and at the same time direct attention away from where you don’t want it (which often is just as important). This is what we do – We shed light on things. That and spread Joy - yea that's what we'll call it!