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SPL's Live Event Production Team Converted Warehouse to Virtual Concert Venue

July 17, 2020

by Mary Cook, CMP

With a new album release date and a canceled tour due to Covid-19, Dance Gavin Dance, performed an album release show to promote new album “Afterburner."

As Dance Gavin Dance’s tour gear provider, Sacramento Production and Lighting (SPL) has creatively “pivoted” from live events to virtual streaming production. Early this summer, SPL decided to transform part of the warehouse into a live streaming studio. Simultaneously, Dance Gavin Dance’s tour manager, Travis Wade and band members discussed producing an online concert. This would create an opportunity for Dance Gavin Dance to promote their new album, connect with fans, and for SPL to explore new business services. Win-Win!

Soon SPL got to work reorganizing a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse, building a 40’ x 40’ studio area. To create the look and sound of a live concert venue, SPL built a truss grid with a full moving lighting system, stage monitors and video positions. As an added benefit, SPL’s warehouse provides a secured venue with 24/7 controlled access and security.

The results were studio quality entertainment! Fans on Dance Gavin Dance’s Facebook page commented “I got the same chills, vibes, and feelings as if I was at the actual venue!” That’s the goal!

SPL’s pivot to virtual events has opened up new and creative ways to bring live events to the living room or office during this unprecedented time of Covid-19. Live events will return in the future, but the virtual event alternative is here to stay.

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